This English alphabet chart is designed in A1 format and is of high quality and is printed on a banner or poster. You can install this chart on the wall in classrooms. With this chart, beginners can recognize letters. And when they recognize the letters, they will learn the sounds in the next step. An example word written for each letter helps learners learn the combination of letters and sounds. In this chart, attractive images are used that will attract newbies. (If you are also looking for the alphabets of other languages, please let us know in the comments section so that it will be prepared on the site as soon as possible.)

English Alphabet Chart
*Excellent quality*
*Suitable for schools and language schools*
Language: English
Designer: Z. J.
Image size: A1 (7016 * 9993)    
PNG file: ~ 20 MB   
PSD file: ~ 81 MB 

*** Open layer file (psd file) of this poster was also added.














Z. J.
Image size: A0 (8344 * 11796)    
PNG file: ~ 38.8 MB   








Designer: Z. J.
Image size: A0 (8344 * 11796)    
PNG file: ~ 34.3 MB   


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