Touchstone 2nd Edition Presentation Plus

Touchstone, together with Viewpoint, is a six-level English program, based on research from the Cambridge English Corpus.

Touchstone Second edition Presentation Plus, Level 4 can be used with an interactive whiteboard or with a computer and a projector. Teachers can present the pages from the Student’s Book, Workbook, and Video Activity Pages, play the Class Audio and the Video Program, and display scripts and answer keys. Tools allow teachers to zoom in, annotate pages, and add custom links to other material.

*** Level 1 (Mac version) is for free. ***

I tested them on Windows 10 64 bit and they ran without any problem. But I didn’t test them on other operating systems such as Macintosh.

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Authors: Michael McCarthy, Jeanne McCarten, Helen Sandiford
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Date of publication: 2014
2nd Edition
File size (Windows): ~ 1 GB
File size (Mac): ~ 0/6 GB


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